Live drawing: Iridium satellite deployment & ASTRAL space shoes illustration

SpaceX's rocket has already returned to Earth but the Iridium satellites are still getting deployed into orbit and I'm listening to a live broadcast that tells me the moment they are deployed into position. 

This is what I listen to while I draw. I like to feel connected to the most distant Earth happenings. Keeps my head wrapped around the amazing times we're living in.

These are shoes drawn from actual Banana Republic penny loafers I got at a thrift store. They were filthy but fit great so I took permanent markers and colored them all over. I later had a terrible accident in these shoes, like the fool I am sometimes. So now they belong to a character not unlike The Fool who wears these to traverse the different layers of atmosphere. Head in the clouds kind of fool.




welcome to illustrious inklings

Here I am, world. I'm doing a thing. I'm making comics in my free time. Posts on here, prior to this one, have been populated over from my Tumblr account which I used a little before putting this website together. You can find more of my madness on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

I've still got to add my long list of links to artists and writers in the comics world that inspire me, as well as some friends I've made along the way by showing up to Comic Cons. Thanks to everyone that's been supporting me in my quest to self study this cool genre of storytelling.

Much gratitude,



A return to inking...


Week 2. First and second attempts at comic style inking. These are 8x10s. I started with a blue pastel sketch of my facehead, then did the inking with design markers on tracing paper, laid over the sketch. The first one (seen below, with crosshatching and parallel lines) took me a little over 3 hours. The second one (seen at the top, with pointillism and some other new technique I’m calling ‘squarism’), took me about 5 hours. 

pointillism (pointl-izem): n. the gateway to controlled madness.