Digital + analog sequential illustration process blog

There was a large pause in my art practice in the last few years. I really needed a break from the fine art scene and to get my true identity in order. I spent a lot of down time in meditation centers, working as a doula for the dying, and coming to terms with my self identification (non-binary and gender fluid). I’m all happy now, making art again. (And I think I accidentally formed a new therapy called Death Therapy along the way. Spend enough time caring for dying people, and something magical starts to happen. I recommend everyone start learning now about the dying process, and make it a point to stop your life and be available for a loved one that is entering the dying stages. It will change you, it will rearrange you, it will challenge you... in all the right ways. Not to mention the obvious: the love given to someone that's dying at possibly the most intense experience of their life. To complete the circle and mend some of our society's anxiety, I think it's best we start practicing for home deaths, non-institutionalized, to complete the biological circle by tending to the death of the parent that gave you birth.) 

In this down time I also did a lot of self-study in comics and screenwriting, so that I can produce a graphic novel. I had an idea for a semi-autobiographical sci-fi/fantasy story arc for readers interested in fantasy fiction, the paranormal, gender identity and US-immigrated Latina/o identity, back in 2010, and have been slowly developing the story in bits and pieces, scribbles and notes, over the years.

I'm letting this process blog remain open to all things illustration, as well as sequential art. Mostly it's an accountability thing that lets me keep track of my progress. Thanks for reading and looking!

Note: “illustrious” refers to the archaic use of the word, meaning ‘bright or luminous’