No commissions at this time.

I've been asked lately if I do commissions.

I have decided that at this time it does not make sense to divert any time or resources away from the Tweeting Me Softly coloring book. 

It would be short sighted to step away from it for any amount of time. It is the most important art I've ever done. I haven't released my vision for the coloring book in any formal public document except in a few paragraphs in a pitch to an editor, as I'm testing the waters of spreading the project on my own, organically, through the internet.

I'm not focused on the marketing or the finances. I'm hyper focused on content creation, on the actual deliverable book. I'm making sure I've got myself aligned with my sources of inspiration and with the gaps in consciousness that could benefit from this cultural content. This is a more than full time job with no immediate compensation except through the generosity of my patrons at Patreon. To my patrons - in whatever amount that you have been able to sponsor me with - thank you from the depths of my heart and mind. 

If you are interested in a commission from me, please consider the scope of my current project, the meaning behind the message and the time-sensitive nature of it... and then reconsider the allocation of funds to becoming a patron of mine. Illuminated Tweets of Elon Musk is the primary mission right now, so if you would like to invest in my art, this is how to do it. Click the image below. Thank you in advance!


Simulator patrons automatically receive five free signed copies of the coloring book once it's printed, including a decent shout out in the book, among other rewards.