Wk 2 Review, SMFA program

This last week in my Self-Master’s of Fine Arts program (not to be confused with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), my two halves Sal and Sol achieved much. 

Sal did 8 hours of self study in inking techniques, of which I will post next. I hate that I can’t figure out how to post pictures with a header/title, otherwise I’d include them in this post. Sal decided on some major uses of a few different techniques that will carry the story forward visually and relate to the identity of the main character and the theme.

Sol did a lot of work in freewriting. Sol came up with a freewrite technique (it’s pretty freakin fun!) to release unconscious mental content and make connections in the plot to many of the main characters, which were previously hidden. That process brought about the coming to terms with the ending of the story, which was a great weight off of my chest.

This week’s assignments:


-Do 5 more hours in self study on drawing and inking fabric, especially the folds, as they occur on the human form as it bends and moves.

-Finish the initial tracing paper assignment but make sure to only use examples of 2 or 3 point perspective. Use five examples, and find the perspective guide points that the original artist used to create the scene.


-Create the visual diagram for plotting timelines, to be used for all plotting.

-Go through all collected notes and files, and plot the timeline of major events and turning points. Don’t get caught up in plotting minor events yet.

-Begin plotting separate timelines of main characters. Don’t plot minor characters yet, no matter how tempting.